Am I eligible to take part?

Can I still take part if I haven’t received a diagnosis or treatment?

Yes, you are still eligible to take part if you have not received a diagnosis or treatment. Whilst we are encouraging those who have received these diagnoses to sign-up, we appreciate that not everyone may have received a diagnosis for a number of reasons. The sign-up questionnaire is designed to assess your eligibility to take part based on your answers to the survey.

If you are keen to take part we recommend that you complete the sign-up questionnaire and if you are eligible we will send you a DNA kit in the post.

Can I take part if I don’t live in England?

We are pleased to announce that we have now extended recruitment to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Unfortunately, if you live outside the UK you are not eligible to participate. We appreciate your support of the GLAD Study!

Please contact our research team here if you have any further questions about eligibility.